Boosta becomes main sponsor of Nikki Wynd, reigning Badwater Champion

Sydney — 5 July 2016

NZ Manuka honey continues to fuel top athletes with the announcement that Boosta has signed a sponsorship deal with Nikki Wynd, reigning Badwater Ultramarathon champion.

Nikki will be defending her title on 18 July 2016 at Death Valley, California with the use of Boosta bars and chews developed by NZ Food Technologist Hayden Pohio. “To have an athlete of the calibre of Nikki Wynd on board is an amazing endorsement of our Manuka honey sports nutrition products,” said Hayden Pohio, Director at Boosta. “The nutrition demands required at Badwater simply don’t get any bigger.”

The running Mum Nikki took up running when her son was first born as a way to get him off to sleep, which some days ended up with her running for up to 4-5 hours while he slept. “I’ve been using the Boosta bars & chews as my only fuel source on 50 to 100km runs. They have a great after taste, unlike most of the products out there, and I’m amazed with the energy I have and how good I’ve felt.” said Nikki Wynd, an Aussie mum from Melbourne who won the 2015 race in record time of 27 hrs 23 mins and 27 seconds. “Last year I struggled a little with stomach cramps. I’m noticing my training times and energy improving.”

The Badwater Race Most people would consider 52°C as suitable for the hot water cylinder. Nikki will be running 217km in temperature’s reaching this hot. Widely recognized as “the world’s toughest foot race”, the Badwater race in Death Valley is the most demanding and extreme running race on the planet. Lisa Tamati, the first NZ women to complete this arduous race explains her take on the race “My brain was on fire. My body was burning up. My crew were telling me to get up but I was too busy puking. But the joy of finishing you can’t describe.” Those that complete the gruelling run will end up with a cumulative vertical gain of more than 4450 metres – equivalent to climbing half up Mt Everest.

The Manuka Honey products Founded in NZ in 2010, Boosta began in the family honey business of Food Technologist Hayden Pohio. Most heavily marketed sports drinks and gels use highly-refined sugars. However, Boosta uses NZ Manuka Honey as a simple, effective and all natural carbohydrate alternative. Manuka honey is great for improving the health of the intestine and getting rid of bloating. It can help reduce inflammation during intense physical exercise and relieve abdominal discomfort. The nutrition demands required at Badwater simply don’t get any bigger.

Nikki explains “Unlike most of the products out there, they taste great and Manuka honey is becoming the norm now for top athletes.”

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